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Logbuilding Course
1285 Springhill Road
Parksville, B. C. V9P 2T2
Phone (250) 248-0294 Fax (250) 248-6352


The course of instruction in log building will include all aspects of this unique method of building as well as discussions and workshops in related areas. The object is to enable the individual student to acquire the skill and knowledge needed to be able to build, with confidence, his own quality log dwelling. Generally, the course will follow the construction of an actual building in a logical way with supplementary projects and demonstrations. BUILDING WITH LOGS by B.Allan Mackie will be the course guide.

Students will normally start the course with a wide separation in skill and experience. As a consequence, each may require a different timetable for work and coaching. It is therefore essential that the timetable be flexible and that the instructors have a long and solid background in building experience as well as teaching. Each student will generally follow the same path but at the instructor's discretion, at a speed and with an emphasis suited to the individual student.

B.Allan Mackie has been teaching classes in log construction since 1972 and has gained a world wide reputation for skill, imagination and efficiency in the delivery of short and longer courses. In addition to having the greatest experience in this field, the B. Allan Mackie School is the most able to provide supplementary learning materials and information. In addition to the books listed, the B. Allan Mackie School has recently developed a series of video instructions designed to provide near comprehensive coverage of the building process.

This material is available to enhance the learning experience and has, over the years, proven most useful in providing the most information in the shortest possible time. Mr. Mackie will be actively engaged in the day to day instruction.



  • Convene at designated classroom a 8:00 AM October 5, 2003
  • Introduction of staff and students
  • Lecture - practice notch, safety, tool selection
  • Discussion - program objectives, group responsibility
  • Introduction to the site
  • Acquisition of tools and equipment
Students will be given advice and assistance in obtaining the tools that will be required to enable him to participate fully in the program.


  • On site safety demonstration
  • Practice notching demonstration
  • Practice scribe
  • Practice log work and coaching
  • Visit to equipment suppliers
  • Evening lecture - building layout and first round
  • Blind dovetail video
This is normally limited to one day although students may continue to practice developing their skill when time permits.


  • Temporary foundation - layout - build
  • First log selection and preparation. (? log, ? log, drip break, layout)
  • First corner notches and blind notch
  • Evening lecture, wall logs, notches, scribing & cutting
  • Saddle Notch video
This section may be completed in one day but generally will take longer. The time required will depend on the background skill of the class.


  • Log wall construction
  • Peeling
  • Handling
  • Saddle Notch scribing and cutting demonstration
  • Grooving and cutting techniques (demonstration)
  • Other notches
  • Log work - skill development and coaching
This section is where much of the learning and skill acquisition will take place. About 40% of the class time will be devoted to this part. Understanding and skill must be well developed here before continuing.


  • Log selection and building control
  • Windows and doors
  • Header logs
  • Plate logs
  • Keyways
  • Settling allowance
  • Building design
By this time the student will have gained enough experience to be able to understand the factors that determine the design of a log building and evening lectures will include this as well as technique related topics.


  • Roof support
  • Roof trusses
  • Post and purlin
  • Log gable ends
  • Plates, Outriggers and Rafters
This is a most important part of the course and it will take several days. Here the student will be able to confirm the accuracy of his work and his understanding of the principals of layout.


  • Finishing
  • Trim cuts
  • Sanding
  • Final cuts for windows and doors
  • Window and door installation
  • Electrical installation
  • Roof, floor and partition preparation
  • Treatments
  • Stairs and railings
This will complete the initial construction of a log shell. The student should now be capable of designing, organizing and completing another such project. The final exercise will be to dismantle and move the structure.


  • Disassembly and moving
  • Log handling
  • Drill holes and through bolts
  • Electrical and plumbing preparation
  • Numbering
  • Containerization, treatment and shipping requirements


Final wrap up, review, special problem solving, log acquisition, site preparation, blueprints, permits, tours, course evaluation


Chain saw
Ear protector
Foot Protector(Chaps)
Scribers ---------------
Axe of about 2-? lbs. (1.5kg)
1" chisel
25' Tapemasure
Chalk line or Inkline
Log dogs
Carpenters pencil (3)
Indelible pencil
Lumber crayon
Draw knife
Round planner
Service tools

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